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A Unique Kind of Acupuncture

Erickson Care is unique in our approach to acupuncture. No matter how smart a doctor may be, they will never be as smart as the natural intelligence of your body. This is called Innate Intelligence. Medicine relies heavily on "blood tests" to determine the status of your health. Natural health care providers realize that the energy balance within the body regulates the physiology of the body. In reality, it's the weak electrical impulses between your brain and your cells that determines how your body works! It's truly all about energy! Acupuncture can be used to stimulate, sedate or balance energy within the twelve primary energy meridians of the body.

Our premise is simple. Balanced energy facilitates healing and wellness! So, doesn't it make sense to look at the energy balance of your body and not just the chemical balance?

It's my professional opinion that treatment should not be guesswork, but rather based on objective data to assess a need for treatment, as well as a means to objectively assess the benefit of treatment provided. Therefore, I use a unique diagnostic test called Acugraph electrodermal testing. This easy and painless examination allows you to see if electrical imbalance is present. It offers specific acupuncture points to be treated, and it allows us to repeat the test to see if your body is responding as expected. Custom care without guesswork. I believe in that!

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