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     I remember years ago how I enjoyed the monthly Reader's Digest page entitled, "Laughter Is The Best Medicine."

As it turns out, much research and many years later, that statement has proven ever so true. The University of Maryland conducted a study that demonstrated stressful thoughts reduce blood flow by an average of 37%, while laughter and happy thoughts increased blood flow by an average of 22%. Hmmmm...Isn't better blood flow beneficial to healing and staying well?


     The Mayo Clinic states that humor helps us by;


-increasing oxygen delivery to tissues

-increasing endorphins (your natural pain relieving hormones)

-decreasing the effects of stress on your body

-improving blood circulation

-increasing immune system function

-decreasing pain

-improving mood


So, do you want to feel better, get healthier and stay well?  Start laughing and don't stop laughing!

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