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Chiropractic: A simple, safe and successful solution!

Since 1895 Chiropractic has proven that it works! The bottom line is, nerves control everything! When joints of your spine lose their normal mobility it causes stiffness. We call this spinal subluxation. A chemical irritation occurs within the joint and causes interference to nerve impulses. The resultant inflammation leads to pain and impaired function of nerves that can affect various body parts and processes. You can take anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the symptoms, or you can address the cause of the inflammation through Chiropractic care. Which makes more sense to you?

The three primary causes of spinal subluxation are;

1. Stress (tight muscles limit spinal joint movement)

2. Repetitive strain (poor posture is most common)

3. Toxins (chemicals in the foods & beverages we consume may be neuro-toxic)

I always look at the spine to screen for nerve interference problems. Patients are often amazed at the results they receive from gentle chiropractic care!

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